Business Marketing Plan

Business Marketing Plan

Business Marketing Plan

Today we’re talking about the importance of a Business Marketing Plan, and how it can change your business. According to Peter Drucker, Author and well known Management Consultant,

“The purpose of marketing is to understand and know your customers so well that the service or product automatically fits on them, selling itself.”

The purpose of a Marketing Plan is to accelerate the growth of your business by boosting sales and regular promotion. An effective marketing plan answers all your questions:

● How to reach the customers?
● What makes you different from your competitors?
● What is your strength in the market and what is your target market?
● What are your marketing goals?
● What is your medium or advertisement?

For decades, entrepreneurs have been very successful in conducting their marketing campaigns via traditional marketing methods. However, digital marketing has given businesses a whole new outlet to reach out to millions of customers without spending an endless amount of money. In this digital age, brands, big and small have realised the significance of social media marketing. However, to get the maximum return on your investment you need to acquire the expertise of digital marketers who are proficient in these tools and aware of the ever changing digital marketing trends.

Business Marketing Plan

Search Engines, Social Media Networks, Blogs, Content, Email Marketing and Videos have revolutionized the world of traditional marketing. What worked in traditional marketing may not be true for online marketing.

Online Marketing requires integration of a variety of mediums with numerous key components:

– Client Identification and Target Market

Capturing the attention of your customer is critical in marketing. To reach your ideal target audience, you need proper marketing tools.

– Message

Every marketing campaign is based on a clear, core message. When it comes to Online Marketing, you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your customer. So ask yourself: is the message strong enough to hold their attention?

– Defining Your Niche:

With the level of competition online, identifying your niche is necessary for staying on track and providing clear guidance to your customers.

– Content Strategy:

Writing content for a magazine is easy. But writing content for websites is complicated because it requires content developers to incorporate certain keywords that help the website to rank well on search engines. You must have a brilliant content strategy which targets your audience and defines your business goals at the same time.

– Search Engine Optimisation:

Google introduces simpler and creative SEO practices that you must use to optimise your website.

– Business Marketing Plan Structure:

Your Business Marketing Plan structure must include the following, in order for it to work successfully.

  1. Competitor Analysis and Market Research
  2. Goals and Objectives
  3. Value Propositions and Audience Setting
  4. Channel Strategy
  5. Execution
  6. Measurement

Why You Need a Professional?
Competition in the digital world is intense. Slow and steady here would not win the race. Therefore, it is important to hire marketing professionals who can draft an effective marketing strategy for your business, that help you reach your target market and adopt channels that would connect you with them in the most efficient manner.

Why Puzzle Media?
At Puzzle Media, we strive to understand your business goals, services and products. We identify your target audience and value proposition. As a business defines its target market and is clear about their value proposition, achieving marketing goals becomes easier.

We take care of Digital Marketing for you and integrate different mediums into your marketing strategy to boost your sales. At DMS, we take care of all your marketing needs and devise a marketing strategy that is unique and drives revenue into your business.

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