5 Ways Businesses Are Using Instagram Stories

5 Ways Businesses Are Using Instagram Stories

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. In 2016, they launched a feature called Instagram Stories, letting users post photos and video sequences that disappear after 24 hours. As of June 2018, over 300 million people use it on a daily basis. This presents a huge opportunity for businesses to use this feature to get their brand out there and be socially engaged.

Here are 5 Interesting Facts about Instagram Stories

  1. Over 1/3 of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories every day.
  2. 36% of Instagram Stories are about Product Promotion.
  3. Ticket.com, an Indonesian online travel company, created Instagram Stories to reach a younger audience and increase app installs. This led to 239K app installs (10% growth), and 26M Indonesians reached.
  4. CoverGirl achieved a 5x higher lift in message association than industry norms, 7-point lift in ad recall, and 30.1M reach on Instagram and Facebook, after they posted video ads on IG stories.
  5. Adidas created a tap-to-reveal Instagram Story that included over 120M images and reached the maximum upload limit of Instagram Stories. The two Stories by Adidas resulted in 3M opens, and 30K viewers swiped up to be taken to adidas.com.
Instagram Stories

How Businesses Use Instagram Stories– View the full infographic here.

5 Ways To Use Instagram Stories For Your Business

If you have not been using Instagram Stories for your business, there’s no better time to explore it than NOW.

  1. Show Your Followers Behind The Scenes

Brief, raw and informal behind the scenes humanise your business. Consumers can be skeptical of traditional marketing but taking them behind the scenes allows you to share an honest view of your processes. You can post a glimpse of your office or a time-lapse of how your products are created from start to finish.

  1. Post a Teaser of Your Upcoming Products

Build the buzz over a new product that you’re about to launch. Tease them with your product’s new look. Give them a couple of great features. Remember NOT to give all the information away. The goal is to get your audience excited.

  1. Share “How To’s”

Product demonstration and guides can be a bit boring unless done with some ingenuity. Make sure you flex your creative muscles so you can make something informative yet fascinating at the same time.

  1. Flash Special, Limited Offers

Rewarding your followers with discounts and sales is a compelling business tactic to keep your customers and make new ones. Post a coupon or discount code that can direct users to the link in your Instagram bio, which takes them to your landing page where they can redeem it. Due to its nature, Instagram Stories builds this sense of urgency to your customers to take advantage of the offer.

  1. Take Your Audience to Your Event

Non-attendees can still be part of the event by showing them what’s going on, LIVE. They can still feel the spirit of the occasion even if they are not physically there.

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