Why Is Education A Key Part Of Marketing?

Why Is Education A Key Part Of Marketing?

When you are marketing your business, there are many aspects of the customer journey to consider. One of these is adding value and educating your audience. We cannot emphasise enough why education is a key part of marketing.

Educating customers is a key success driver to a marketing campaign and, ultimately, the business. When people feel inspired, educated and informed, they have the power to make decisions about purchasing. It’s imperative to include education as a critical component in your marketing campaigns.

How education forms a key part of marketing in the sales process

A customer sales journey has four stages – Awareness, Interest, Conversion and Action. To guide a customer along the sales path, specific actions should be done or avoided. Although education is a part of each stage, providing too many details all at once can confuse and can be off-putting. Execute education in marketing with the right strategy.


At this stage, the customer realises there is a problem and is looking for a solution. As a business owner, the goal is to give them every opportunity to know your business exists. It’s all about gaining their trust and getting your foot at the door. Create content relating to their potential problems and issues and begin educating on available solutions.


The customer in the interest stage is researching and considering options. They may be comparing prices, deciding which brand will provide the best solution and which offers the best value. Grab this opportunity to establish your expertise and credibility by educating, educating, educating! Develop content that doesn’t just talk about your products and services but position your content in a way that provides a solution. 


The customer is ready to purchase. At this stage, the education on your part is WHY CHOOSE YOU? This is where you can use testimonials, case studies and offer value that goes beyond monetary gain. What can you actually provide to assist this customer with their problem?

Digital Marketing Mediums to Use

  • Social Media posts
  • Keyword rich and engaging blogs
  • Short and long form videos
  • Paid digital ads (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)
  • Newsletters/Email marketing campaign
  • Lead Magnets (free ebook, free consultation, discount vouchers, etc.)

Each of the above can work throughout the customer’s sales journey. It’s a matter of choosing the most suitable to use for your audience. Keep in mind that the goal is EDUCATING potential customers.

Always consider the type and amount of data you provide at each stage to make the process feel organic and free flowing. What you don’t want to happen is education overload that results in customers looking elsewhere.

Why is education a key part of marketing…because learning always works both ways.

The ability to market your business, products and services successfully hinges on how effective you convey information and how well educated you are about people’s needs; it’s the heart of marketing. It always goes both ways.

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