Why a Facebook Plan Can Save You Time

Why a Facebook Plan Can Save You Time

Why a Facebook Plan Can Save You Time

For all of us, time is a valuable commodity. In many cases, when a business suffers through a downtime, it translates to a loss in productivity and profits. Today for example, on the Gold Coast we had an unexpected storm, which resulted in less work for the trades industry. Such instances can’t be avoided, but others can….

There are so many distractions available now, that it can end up taking a huge percentage of time away from the business. Particularly with the growing popularity of using social media platforms like Facebook for their marketing efforts. A number of our Gold Coast Social Media Marketing clients often say, it’s cheaper if they pay us to do it as they won’t waste time going onto Facebook!

With Facebook being one of the most popular platforms for businesses, people are using it to reach out to their existing and potential customers or clients. It may seem that posting special offers and deals on a product or service a business sells or provides, or sharing the latest news about a brand is a small endeavour. However, when not handled properly, this act can be very time-consuming. This is why every business utilising Facebook should have a Facebook plan.

A Facebook plan should outline the different steps and strategies that a business will take in order to achieve its goals. It will most likely revolve around marketing and image building and you can include products and/or events, if it’s relevant to your business.

By having a Facebook plan, a brand will have a set of well-laid out guidelines to follow and implement. Through following these religiously, the business will be able to avoid wasting time being diverted and avoiding the distractions.

Interacting with brand followers and patrons is essential when it comes to social media marketing, albeit a tedious process. This is why a well-crafted Facebook plan should always contain a detailed course of action on how to make this particular activity easier and quicker to put into practice.

To begin with, determine what items or messages you want to post or send. The list doesn’t have to be an extensive one, as long as they are all aligned with the message that the brand aims to send out. These can include:

  • Motivational quotes
  • News updates
  • Information Videos
  • Blog post links
  • Funny images

Once these have been decided, you can schedule when each of these posts and messages will be released. To achieve the best results, ensure you are posting on the right day at the right time. Check out your Facebook page insights if you’re unclear.

For a time-saving and seamless posting experience, a Facebook plan may also include automated posting applications or software. Facebook has such a feature integrated with its system, or the business may opt to use a third party who provides such services. At Puzzle Media we work with Gold Coast Clients on their Facebook Marketing and Social Media Strategies.

By having a Facebook plan, any business, whether you’re a local Gold Coast business, or based in the USA, you will be able to save time which can be put into use in the other aspects of the business. It also helps focus social media marketing efforts to become much more efficient and effective in the long run.