What Is Google My Business?

What Is Google My Business?

What is Google My Business?

In our latest blog, we aim to clarify exactly what Google My Business is and why your business could benefit from this FREE tool.

Remember when we used those thick yellow paged books to find information on the services we needed? Today, thanks to technology, we have Google My Business which replaces that (kind of!).

Owned by the world’s top search engine, Google, Google My Business (hereafter referred to as GMB) is the top local business listing platform online. In brief, it’s the section that comes up with a mini-map and locations when you search for a service, like this….

what is google my business


When people search on Google for local services you want them to find AND contact you asap.

A strong GMB listing should contain information about your business, such as your address, contact numbers, email address, posts, reviews, pricing, hours of operation etc.

Should you use Google My Business?

Our answer is an astounding YES!



Its total global search engine market share is approximately 80% according to Net Marketshare.

Let’s consider these numbers…

  • 70% of customers visit a store to make a purchase after an online search.
  • 85% of people trust online reviews.
  • 1 in 3 Google searches has local intent meaning they are searching for local businesses, products and services.
  • 50% of all mobile consumers who seek for a local business visit within the day and 18% of them make a purchase.

With these numbers, it makes sense not only to on this platform but to show up on the first page of Google search results. Google My Business can help you achieve this. A study about click-through rates for each Google search result shows that they exponentially decreased on page two.

Furthermore, Google My Business is particularly essential if you rely on local consumer traffic. If complete and optimised, it allows you to attract local customers, market in your town or service area and connect with your target audience.

Here Are Top 5 Benefits of Using GMB

1. Better Online Search Visibility

When you search Google, you will see a high-visibility panel that usually contains three local business listings. An optimised GMB can land you in this section where users, with a couple of clicks, can direct them to the rest of your information on your website.


2. Displays Updates and Useful Information (GMB Posts)

You can add up-to-date information about your business that searchers can immediately see (e.g. Holiday hours, Busy periods, Photos, etc.)

3. Provides Avenue For Communicating With Customers

Customers viewing the listing can now call, message and leave a review of your company providing you with another easy and convenient way to reach you.

4. Gain Customer Insight

You will have access to a wealth of analytics within the Google Insights tab in Google My Business.

It provides information on:

> How people are searching your business listing
> How people are arriving on your website
> Your viewers’ location
> Whether they called your business
> Many more

5. It’s Free

With all these benefits, the cherry on top is that it doesn’t cost anything. An optimised Google My Business listing can significantly increase your visibility online and generate more revenue soo don’t miss out on this opportunity.

If you haven’t explored the option of listing your company on Google My Business, we highly recommend that you take advantage of it. Based on our experience, our clients have gained significant positive results using this platform. We can help you get it set up. Let’s talk about it. Contact us so we can give you a FREE consultation.

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