What Do People Want to Read in Your Newsletters?

What Do People Want to Read in Your Newsletters?

Email marketing and sending out periodic newsletters are still two of the best ways to capture, engage and keep your audience and followers which is why at Puzzle Media, we provide Newsletter Services to help businesses reach their audience.

A well-written newsletter can help you promote your business and your brand and build authority in your industry. This engagement can help improve customer loyalty and your business as a whole. For you to enjoy these benefits though, you’ll need to learn how to write effective newsletters – I mean the ones that gets opened, read, and acted on. There are so many approaches to newsletter writing, but do you want to know a secret? The best approach is to simply give your readers what they want.

What do they want? What do they really really want?

Your audience will be much more receptive to your newsletters if you are giving them information that is relevant and useful about your products and services. But how exactly can you be sure that you are giving your audience what they want? How do you even get to know what it is they want? Get to know them. Make it your mission to figure your readers out. Go deep. Work out what makes them tick. This may mean that you need a multi-pronged attack. Segment your newsletters so that you can focus in on specific groups of your audience. For example, if your business is fashion focused, having separate newsletters for women, men, and teens, or mums with bubs. Give them what they are interested in, in one nice little newsletter package.

Most email capture and marketing software allows audience segregation. So explore what your software offers and how you might be able to focus on separate interest groups within your list. By focusing directly on specific audience concerns, you’ll be sure to get their attention, and deliver great value!

What if what they really want is just a good win

Even a newsletter that delivers great value might be skimmed by some readers who, let’s be honest, just want an offer, a freebie, a chance to get something awesome.

This audience segment wants a chance for life to be easier, brighter, cheaper, and more enjoyable. The offer that grabs their attention doesn’t even need to be for your business. Keep offer newsletters simple, to the point and focused on what your audience can get.

And who doesn’t like a chance to be a winner!

A good deal

Some newsletter subscribers are likely to have made it onto your list because of wanting a good deal.  They are motivated by discounts and promotions. This is slightly different to the opportunities discussed in the section above because deals and promotions are time limited. So instead of offering an opportunity to join a facebook group or become a member, a deal is a value offering that saves your audience money on particular products for a particular amount of time.

The trick to converting your newsletter audience into buyers of your product is to genuinely offer value. Move away from the ‘For a limited time only, on this once in a lifetime deal, if you buy one you get one free’ type sales – yuck! And move towards the type of newsletter that explains why the offer is perfect for your audience and how it will be a solution to exactly what it is they want.

Newsletter Services

At Puzzle Media we provide clients with Newsletter Services that cover, content, database and set up of your newsletter. For enquiries please contact us today.

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