What are Black and White Hat SEO Strategies?

What are Black and White Hat SEO Strategies?

The difference between Black and White Hat SEO strategies are all about how you actually implement the SEO techniques. Marketers have thought of different strategies to follow, tweak and completely defy SEO rules. Using all these combined can achieve high search page rankings.

As the common story plot goes, it’s always a battle between good and evil. Oddly enough, it’s similar in the digital marketing world, particularly with Search Engine Optimisation or SEO. Even the same shade stereotype is used- white, being “good” and black, “evil”.

What is White Hat SEO?

White SEO refers to the correct, ethical way to optimise a site which includes.

Following search engine guidelines

The most widely-accepted definition of white hat SEO is that it follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Focusing on the the human audience.

Using SEO in a way that is beneficial to the site’s visitor like providing them with relevant content that can increase their knowledge and awareness.

Using a long-term approach

The techniques are work-intensive and may be time-consuming. On the positive side, it has a more lasting impact. It involves investing in the quality of content to generate results for years to come.

What is Black Hat SEO?

It is basically the opposite of White Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO violates guidelines set forth by Google in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Those violations include:

Using shady tactics

While White Hat SEO focuses on human experience, Black Hat SEO relies on manipulating Google’s algorithm to improve rankings.

Taking shortcut approaches

It focuses on exploiting loopholes in Google’s algorithm that can lead to improvements in rankings without much work. These tricks can work but may be short-lived.

Google is continuously improving its algorithm to provide the best experience for users. Sites using Black Hat SEO strategies are at risk of losing their rankings every time there’s a new algorithm update.

Some common White Hat SEO Techniques

Quality, Relevant Content

Nothing beats good quality content. It provides unique and relevant information about your products and services. They increase the visitor’s knowledge, promote awareness of your brand, and they are share-worthy.

Quality, relevant content also have appropriately labelled images, relevant page titles, meta description, and are written in grammatically correct sentences with no spelling errors.

Another useful question to ask when creating content is “Does this help my users?”

Effective Keyword Research

Keyword research is a powerful tool in your SEO. Keywords are the words that people would likely use when searching for information on the internet. Have this in mind when targeting the right keywords when creating your content. You can also use the Keyword Tool.

Related Links (Backlinks and Internal) and References

Backlinks are outside pages linking back to your website. Google likes to see links leading back to your site because it’s a vote of confidence.

Use the links within your own website because of it a great indicator that your site has value.

Some Common Black Hat SEO Techniques

Using Unrelated keywords

Adding unrelated keywords to your content is a red flag. This is when you add popular keywords, such as names of celebrities even if it does not make sense and has nothing to do with how your users can benefit from your products or services.

Over Stuffing of Right Keywords

Using the right keywords is essential to get a high ranking but overstuffing your content with it may be flagged as a Black Hat strategy. Google is familiar with the keyword stuffing tactic and does everything in its power to demote websites that use it.

Black and white SEO strategies

Over stuffing of keyword “firepit”

Hidden Texts of Links

Hiding text or links within your content in an effort to improve rankings is another common black hat tactic. Some ways to do this include adding white text on a white background or setting the font size to zero or burying a link in a small character.


This involves presenting visitors and search engines completely different content. The goal is to manipulate search engines so they display a URL when it would not otherwise be displayed.

In summary, always remember that Google is a robot. It uses algorithms to determine which websites are placed at the top of the search page. It constantly improves their algorithm process to demote sites that use unethical ways to manipulate the system.

And though Black Hat SEO tactics may work, it’s short-term and they are incredibly risky and usually detectable. Consequently, a site can be banned or penalized with a lower rank.

Finally, Google doesn’t want a website to rank just because it has the right keywords. They want it to rank because it has remarkable, relevant content.

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