Video Marketing For Small Businesses – 10 Ways To Use It

Video Marketing For Small Businesses – 10 Ways To Use It

Video marketing for small businesses is not necessarily a new concept. However, with more sophisticated technology and more social media platforms that have sprouted in the last several years, the way we communicate to our audience has changed.

With nearly 70% of internet users across the globe accessing
social media sites regularly, video marketing indeed is the way forward when it comes to content and communication.

Before the advancement in technology, the only way small businesses owners had of building a relationship with clients, was doing it in person. I’m a big advocate of relationship building, but there are more simple and convenient ways of doing it!

Video marketing is an easier, quicker and a more cost-effective way of reaching your audience.

How To Use Video Marketing for Small Businesses

A question often asked is how to use Video marketing for small businesses. The answer is it varies based on your business.

There are numerous ways to use video marketing for capturing attention and turning viewers into future clients.

Today, I am sharing 10 ways to use Video Marketing for Small Business.

1. Introduce yourself

Video Marketing is a great way to build rapport with potential clients. Introduce yourself and talk about what problem you are solving. You can share what drives you. Make sure you’re authentic to connect with your ideal client.

2. Build your trust with clients

When using video marketing for small business, essentially your goal is to are build trust with your target audience. Some of these people may just be quietly watching in the background, and without realising it, you have already built trust through providing valuable content and being consistent.

3.  Showcase your uniqueness

Produce videos that showcase you and your businesses USP (unique selling points). You can even share strategies you have used that have helped other clients. People always look for brands and companies that show commitment and something different.

4. Tackle FAQs

With the help of video marketing, owners can address FAQs regarding their services. This help saves you time.

5. Testimonials

Testimonials are powerful tools to promote your business. Produce a video with the testimonials from satisfied clients. Even better would be case studies made about your products and services tackling how it helped clients. This is where you can set the expectation of your potential clients, to give them a feel of what you can provide them.

6. Interviews

Video dialogues work well when it comes to promoting a small business. Make a list of other professionals and business owners you can interview who will also add value to your clients.

7. How-To or Tutorial videos

I love how-to videos! In fact, this one I produced a while ago has had over 18,000 views!

People are always searching for those simple how-to videos. They are easy to follow, and they have visual and audio tools to make the task much easier.

8. Use Video Marketing on Facebook

Video marketing on Facebook is extremely useful. In fact, Facebook has recently placed a Facebook video section on its interface for users to navigate to it more easily.

9. Links

Whenever you are creating videos, make sure you include your logo, website link or social media link for users’ reference. Videos are a great way to promote your socials aside from your brand.

10. Teaser

Create teaser videos, especially if you are about to launch a new line of products or added services. Use Facebook stories of Instagram stories if your videos are short. This will catch your potential customer’s attention. This will spark interest, and they will get intrigued.

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