Using Paid Facebook Advertising to Grow your Database

Using Paid Facebook Advertising to Grow your Database

Facebook is a great social platform; we all know that! But, have you ever thought about the different ways you and your business can benefit from using paid advertising on Facebook? You can use it to drive direct bookings and sales, and in addition, you can use it to grow a successful business database.

How does Facebook Advertising Work?

Facebook Advertising is a highly efficient way for businesses to target potential customers through the world’s largest social network. Facebook Ads are created through Facebook Business Manager, which provides everything needed for setting up and managing advertising campaigns. 

Why use Facebook Advertising to grow your Database?

Facebook Advertising is one of the most successful advertising tools for reaching your target audience and growing your database.

  • Targeted ads to a specific audience through geographic location, people who have liked certain pages or those who have engaged with your brand previously. Essentially you can show your ads to people more likely interested in your brand. 
  • A cost-effective way to reach potential clients. You can set a budget for your ads and only have to pay once people have clicked on your ad. 
  • Brand Awareness – You can create imagery, copy and offers to suit your brand. Make sure to match your branding is aligned with your messaging. 
  • Relatively easy to track and measure results. You can see how many people have seen your ad and engaged with it. What actions do they take after clicking – allowing you to optimise your ad as you go for better results. 

When you build a database, you can then market to these individuals on your terms through email marketing. Utilising email marketing becomes a much more cost-effective way to sell your products and services. 

How To Use Facebook Ads to grow Database

There are many options available depending on your business set-up. Some campaigns we have managed in the past include the following ideas:

  • Create a downloadable guide that offers tips and tricks that relate to your niche 
  • Invite people to a Webinar or Masterclass live or replay, sharing your area of expertise 
  • Deliver a mini-course to people via email 
  • Have exclusive offers only delivered through email: Eg, waitlist, sign up and receive 20% off.  

Designing content that will be of some value to the consumer creates an incentive for them to sign up. Using such words as exclusive or free creates hype and excitement again, making someone more likely to sign up.  

Facebook advertising is a great way to grow your database. It allows you to target people most likely interested in your offer specifically. And it’s easy to use! Contact us now to learn more about how Facebook advertising can help you grow your business. Our team would be more than happy to help you get started.

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