Social Media Workshops

Social Media Workshops

At Puzzle Media we have been super busy running Social Media Workshops on the Gold Coast and loving it!

One of my passions is teaching others, so combing my love of teaching with my love of Social Media seems the perfect combination. A little like peanut butter and vegemite or peanut butter and jam or peanut butter and… well anything really. Lets face it peanut butter rocks!

The Gold Coast Social Media workshops we have developed, have been designed so that business owners can walk away and implement what they have been taught with the confidence they need to manage their social media themselves. There’s nothing I hate more than going to a workshop only to be told a tiny amount of what you need and then being up-sold to the super duper package that you need to remortgage your house, in order to pay for.

However I digress. Today we’re talking about Social Media Workshops and how they can help your business. Whether you come to ours on the Gold Coast, or one closer to your home town, there are a few things you should be aware of before:

1. What are your objectives.

2. What do you hope to learn.

3. How can this be applied to your business.

When you attend a Social Media Workshop or webinar, you should have clear goals in mind. Often a webinar is less informative so you’ll need to keep a close ear out for those golden nuggets of information. In a workshop forum, there is the opportunity to ask questions and request demonstrations. Interactive style workshops work for most people, as everyone has questions and guaranteed if one person has a particular question, there will be others who are also thinking the same.

If in doubt about what you will walk away with, contact the event organisers and ASK. They will love your interest and will be more than happy to help. At least that way if there is something specific you would like information on, and it wont be covered, you’ll save yourself time and money on attending and you can focus on attending the workshops and events that will give you the answers you require.

There are so many Social Media channels out there, it’s virtually impossible to be an expert in each and every one. At the same time, the majority of business owners use at least 2-3 and most customers have 2-4 accounts depending on their demographic and age.

At Puzzle Media we offer Social Media Workshops covering Facebook and LinkedIn and can teach you in a group setting or 121. Please contact our team for further details.

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