Social Media For Business Red Flags Debunked

Social Media For Business Red Flags Debunked

When it comes to using Social Media for Business, it’s important to be across the latest trends. Over the last couple of weeks, the red flag emoji has been flooding social media. Although it’s uncertain who spearheaded the trend, it seemed to start with social media users sharing things they felt were a bit of a “red flag” warning and then adding a number of red flags emojis right after it. So, the meme started out pretty literal.

It has covered dating, race, relationships, food, business and everything in between, and it wasn’t long until celebrities began posting one liner with the triangular red flags. We also posted about using social media for business and the red flags around myths we often hear. It’s time to debunk the theories!

Here Are Four Social Media For Business Red Flags

“Social media should be FREE.”

It’s great that signing up and using it is free, but if they also make social media free to advertise, chances are businesses will take over your entire feed. That means each time you log in, you’ll only see advertisements, no updates from friends, news, the latest viral video or travel memories from years back.

Whilst you can still use Social Media to promote your business for free, paying to play means you get to reach your exact target audience with your message.

“I need thousands of followers to succeed with social media.”

For the longest time, everyone thought that businesses with tens of thousands of followers would ultimately be able to get more out of social media from a business perspective. However, it turns out there’s something much better than numbers: ENGAGEMENT!

As an agency, we encourage our clients (and you!) to build an audience based following and share content that adds value, is informative and resonates with their target audience. PLUS, actually engage with your followers. Only then will you see your followers genuinely interested and engaged.

“Social media is just a sales tool.”

Social media is so much MORE than just a sales tool, let’s start with that. It is a powerful medium to create your brand, build trust and establish yourself as an authority or leader by deeply connecting with your audience. It provides every business with an opportunity to share their products and services with the world.

“You need to be on every social media platform.”

As of writing, there are over 30 different types of social media platforms. Who knows how many there will be next year. Being on all of them is not possible, and neither is it advisable from a productivity approach. Go where your audience hangs out most and nail that platform fully! 

Using Social Media For Business: Yay or Nay?

YAY, of course! Social media is a very powerful tool. It can be used to connect with your audience, create brand awareness and drive sales. Sometimes it’s great to have support with your social media for business, so if you have any red flags, reach out and contact us here and the team would be happy to help.