Should my business use Pinterest

Should my business use Pinterest

Ahh, good old Pinterest. Where I go for recipes, fashion and fun! It’s my guilty pleasure!

Pinterest is a very successful social media platform which began in March 2010. Since then it has grown to 48.7 million users globally, which is phenomenal.

In addition to personal accounts, businesses are also using Pinterest as another social media channel with which to reach customers and prospects. For some business, it feels like a natural progression, whilst others may not find it’s the best option.

Today I’m going to focus on which businesses are best suited to Pinterest to help you identify whether your business might be one.

Do you have images?
YouTube is for videos whereas Pinterest is for photos – that’s the long and short of it. Being an image sharing platform, it is safe to say that all businesses that have products or services that are visually engaging must have a Pinterest account.

Images generate a much higher engagement rate on other social media channels. Images bring everything to life, and it’s often easier to capture the message in an image. With fast paced lives and busy world, people don’t always have the time to read blog posts (thanks for reading mine!). Photos are much more enticing, and it takes only a few seconds to browse through and understand what a business offers in terms of services and products.

Which businesses are using Pinterest?

Food and Beverage Industry
A popular image you will see on Pinterest is that of food and beverages, a great deal of which are posted by large and small restaurants along with food, and beverage related organisations.

We are a nation obsessed with food! Social media, in particular Pinterest, seems a natural choice to show off your food products, service and business.

Travel Industry
Travel related businesses like travel agencies and tour guides are also one of the most avid users of Pinterest. You can see them always posting images of different views and landmarks in the places where they operate along with photos of people whom they have taken to those places. Whether it is a picture of a couple walking on a romantic beach in Indonesia or a group of seniors enjoying the museums and artworks in Rome. Travel and tours agencies will always have success when it comes to Pinterest.

Anything related to weddings is also HUGE in Pinterest with the obvious target audience of women who are planning to tie the knot soon. You will see images posted by wedding planners about events, bakers posting cakes, hairdressers posting hair styles and makeup artists posting images. That doesn’t cover the wedding venues; locations, stylists, jewelers, dress designers, florists, etc. who all form part of the wedding. It’s a large industry, so if your business is involved in weddings, get pin-ing!

Interior Designers
Anything that has to do with design is almost always on Pinterest, even interior decorators. They post images of the houses or apartments they decorated, as well as some of their plans and ideas which they are still planning on implementing.

If you have a handicraft business, then you should consider jumping into the Pinterest bandwagon since a lot of your competition are already there. Whether you are selling artwork and sculpture, jars of homemade jellies or even boxes of cupcakes, you will find that Pinterest can help you find for patrons for your small business.

The fashion industry does exceptionally well on Pinterest. In face fashion, related images have always been popular not only in Pinterest but even in other social networking sites, even before #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) became a hit.

Big time fashion designers, fashion show organisers, large and small retail outlets are just some of the many “pinners” with a huge following on Pinterest.

The above examples just demonstrate a few of the industries using Pinterest. It’s not essential to have a pinterest account, however if your target market are hanging out there and searching then it seems a waste, not to join the Pinterest party!