Secrets To Making Creative Facebook and Instagram Ads That Convert

Secrets To Making Creative Facebook and Instagram Ads That Convert

How do you create Facebook and Instagram Ads That Convert? It’s the question we’re covering in today’s blog.

It’s easy to get caught up with the finer details of running an advertising campaign. However, one element that must absolutely be on point is the process of making creative Facebook and Instagram Ads that actually covert. Being creative goes beyond aesthetics. It’s building a strategy that CAPTIVATES, ENGAGES and CONVERTS!

Here Are Best Practices In Making Creative Facebook and Instragam Ads That Convert


The first thing that your audience sees is the imagery, so attract them with visuals that inspire and resonate with them.


  • Use eye-catching images or quick and bold animation.
  • Edit your photos if necessary, before using them.
  • Add fun graphics or stimulating effects to your video.
  • Create a slideshow out of your static images.
  • Show off your logo or highlight other unique brand elements (e.g. colour palette, fonts); this helps with brand recognition.
  • Sound off. Aside from sound, you can opt to use animated text to express key ideas.


Wordy pitches with boring benefits can put off potential customers. Making creative Facebook and Instagram Ads that convert is all about using clear and concise messaging to entice your audience.


  • Make a connection between all ad elements. It doesn’t have to be in a literal sense; it can be executed using a metaphor. Take a look at this example by Slack.

Making Creative Facebook and Instagram Ads

What makes this ad interesting (and witty) is the abstract imagery, explaining the benefits in a metaphorical sense. It’s a fresh break from an otherwise formal caption.

  • Use a conversational tone. Always think “Will I use these words when chatting to a friend?
  • Write interesting headlines that intrigue and encourage imagination. Although there isn’t one fool-proof hack at creating the perfect headline, it always has to highlight your product’s benefits.
  • Go easy on the sales tricks and let your product be the hero by focusing on the value it provides. When your target audience realises how much they can get out of it, you don’t need to go on the hard-sell route.
  • Be authentic. You should only put out facts about your product. Misleading content can ruin brand credibility and have legal consequences. Practice integrity in both messaging and execution.


Create a clear Call-To-Action (CTA). Being experimental, using terminology your audience may not understand, or trying to be too clever, may not necessarily work in this part of the ad. A straightforward CTA works best to generate a direct response.


  • Use simple words or phrases such as “BOOK AN APPOINTMENT”, DOWNLOAD NOW”, “LEARN MORE”, “BUY” and others. Choose the right CTA that will serve your ad objective. Is your ad for building awareness, starting a conversation, or persuading to buy?
  • Warm-up your audience with an introduction of what action you want them to take in the middle part of the video ad. The first three seconds are crucial for creating interest, not to do a hard pitch. 

Consider All Important Factors When Creating Facebook and Instagram Ads That Convert

Many factors go into making creative Facebook and Instagram ads that convert. High performing ads have attractive visuals, compelling messaging and strong CTAs. Keeping your goal and specific audience in mind when making your ad content can help you build a creative strategy that is aligned with your primary Facebook and Instagram ads objective.

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