Optimise Your Ad Campaign With Facebook Ads and Google Ads Remarketing

Optimise Your Ad Campaign With Facebook Ads and Google Ads Remarketing

Have you ever visited a website and then seen ads for the brand in your Facebook feed or another website? Yes, the Internet can follow you around thanks to tools like Facebook Ads retargeting and Google Ads remarketing! 

How does it work?

When a person visits a website, their browser automatically saves the data as cookies. Advertisers use the information to strategically show visitors ads on different platforms (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, news websites, etc.), which continuously reminds the visitor about the brand.

Difference Between Facebook Ads Retargeting and Google Ads Remarketing


  • Facebook Ads Retargeting lets you target people based on their engagements with your business. These additional targeting or exclusions can make a difference in the quality and performance of your campaigns. For example, you can target people who have already:
    • Visited your website
    • Added items to an online shopping cart, but not purchased
    • Engaged with your advert or post via likes, clicks, comments
    • Watched your video
    • Visited a landing page
  • Like Facebook, Google remarketing targets users based on various user behaviour – visited websites and performed actions, ads they clicked stage of conversion they’re in, watched YouTube videos, installed apps on their mobile device., etc.


  • Facebook retargeting runs ads mainly through the Facebook and Instagram platforms. The retargeted users can see the ads on their feeds or through additional ad placements (e.g. in-stream videos or Marketplace.) You can also opt to use the Audience Network, which allows ads to show on other apps.
  • Google Ads remarketing runs on Google Display Network. Ads that visitors checked out tend to ‘follow’ them around the Internet and reappear on the other websites that they visit.


  • Facebook is more straightforward as it only needs high-quality images/videos and copies to run an ad campaign. 
  • Google uses a full “set” of image ads in multiple sizes to fit in various website placements.

How To Run It

Facebook Ads retargeting requires the use of Facebook Pixel, a piece of code generated from your Facebook Ads Manager account. Installing on the backend of your website can track your website visitors interactions. It allows the showing of ads on the user’s display page, strategically making the campaign more targeted than relying on demographics and interests audience alone.

Similarly to Facebook Pixel, Google ads remarketing also uses a code called Tag. It can be customised to track your website visitors and the actions they’ve taken. You can do this via Google Tag Manager. Through their browser cookies, the retargeted audiences see ads based on the activity they took on your website.   

Why Use Facebook Ads Retargeting and Google Ads Remarketing

There are multiple reasons why you should choose retargeting as one of your digital marketing strategies. These include:

  • Targeted Advertising – You can target people who have already expressed an interest in your business, and remind them of your brand/ the products they want.
  • Increased Ad Exposure – Costumers are more likely to convert if they have been exposed to an ad multiple times before. 
  • Continuous Connection With Potential Customers – Users still see your ads even after they’ve left your page, which keeps you in their radar.
  • Access To Campaign Report – You’ll have detailed reports about your campaign performance. With the data generated, you can make necessary tweaks and mirror the same ads that worked for your future campaigns.
  • Easy Ad Creation – All you need are high-quality imagery and copy, and your ad is good to go. Except for Facebook and Google advertising rules, you have the liberty to create your ads the way you want.

Facebook Ads retargeting and Google Ads remarketing help you elevate your advertising campaign. Ultimately, all these benefits help in achieving the main goal – to DRIVE HIGHER CONVERSION and SALES and INCREASE ROI. 

We’ve seen incredible results with Facebook Ads retargeting, and Google Ads remarketing campaigns that we created for our clients. If you want to see how this can work for your business, give us a call or book in a FREE strategy call

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