How To Write Engaging Content On Social Media

How To Write Engaging Content On Social Media

Establishing a strong brand presence online has never been more important for a business.  One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by using social platforms. However, how do you get your customers hooked and not looking elsewhere? The answer is, writing relevant and engaging content on social media.

Whether you’re posting company updates, providing information about your services or sharing a quote or a meme, follow a strategy that sparks your readers’ interest and excites them to take action.

Keep These 6 Tips In Mind When Writing Engaging Content On Social Media

Research Your Content

Your content has to be relevant, current and factual.

What does my audience want to know?

What should they know now?

Is what I’m writing fact-based?

Do ample research for high priority topics or current events and relate them to what your business has to offer. Your materials should only come from reliable sources. Researching helps you provide more value to your audience and establish your credibility.

Set A Goal For Each Post

What do you want to achieve from your content? Is it to inform, sell, start a conversation, or get more likes, perhaps? Choose the main goal so you can set the tone of your social media post.

Use tools such as Grammarly; it has a feature to help you choose the most appropriate tone of voice and words, based on your audience and the goal you want to achieve.

Understand Your Audience And Speak Their Language

“Know thy customer” is a business and marketing tip you hear all the time, but what does it take to do this?

Finding the demographic of your ideal clients is the first step. The next step is finding out how they speak and what messages resonate with them. Remember to write for your target audience and not for the entire web-user population. Throw in a couple of local slang terms and add pop culture references that they can relate to – this can easily be a conversation starter and fire up your engagement further.

Another critical thing to consider is writing based on the social media platform. For example, LinkedIn is a platform for professional and business networking. Facebook, on the other hand, is designed for socialising with friends and family. Tweaking your words slightly to adjust to the type of audience in each social platform will go a long way in creating better engagement.

KISS – Keep It Short And Simple

Value your audience’s time and keep their attention by writing brief and concise content. Studies show that to earn a higher engagement rate, the optimal number of characters on a Facebook update is 40-80 characters. It varies for every social platform.


  • Use simple words that are easy to understand
  • Capitalise the letters for emphasis
  • Distribute your text in headlines and bullet points if applicable
  • Keep paragraphs to only three sentences at the most

If you still want to share more, direct them to your webpage — that’s more website traffic for you, too!

Share Optimism

No one wants to read a Debbie Downer, much less engage with them. However, this doesn’t mean that all your posts have to be happy every time. Optimism is staying positive, hopeful and resilient even if the subject is sensitive.

Equally important as the value of your post is the emotions it leaves the reader.


  • Write posts that uplift and unify
  • Integrate power words to your copy
  • Use appropriate emojis

Always Add A Call To Action

Going back to, setting a goal for every post, your call to action depends on what you ultimately want to achieve. Prompt your audience to take action by asking a question, giving options, including the link of your website or simply asking them (e.g. “Book Now”, “Learn More”, “Like of Dislike?” “Write Your Answers In The Comment Box”.)

Engaging Content On Social Media Is Always Good For Business

Writing engaging content on social media requires you to think like your target audience because you’re creating it FOR THEM.  When your content is interesting and provides value, it will establish your credibility, and people would be keener to use your service.

We’d love to help you grow your business using social media. Please feel free to give us a call or book in for a FREE strategy call.