How To Use Google My Business And 5 Tips To Optimise Your Listing

How To Use Google My Business And 5 Tips To Optimise Your Listing

Being on Google is a powerful way for users to find your business online. It is the most visited search engine, dominating 92% of the current market share. This article will discuss how to use Google My Business (GMB) and the benefits of having an optimised GMB page. 

What Is Google My Business?

It is a FREE service from Google that allows businesses to become more discoverable online. The marketing tool was designed initially for the ‘maps’ element so that end users can find businesses close by. These days it’s more tailored to local businesses to give them the option to manage their online information (e.g. phone numbers, websites, locations, reviews, etc.) in one place.

Take a look at the data in a recent Google My Business insights study:

  • 96% of local businesses are being viewed at least 25 times per month in Search results, and 86% receiving more than 25 in Maps.
  • The average business receives 33 clicks each month from their GMB listing, with 59 actions overall.
  • On average, 56% of actions on GMB listings are website visits. 
  • Australian businesses have the highest average website clicks (36) and the highest number of calls (18). 
  • 64% of consumers have used GMB listings to find a local business’s contact information.

These numbers are incredible and prove that having your business listed on Google My Business could help bring new customers.

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How To Use Google My Business: 5 Tips To Optimise Your Listing

Increase Search Visibility by Completing All Sections

Create a GMB account and make sure you complete each section. Be precise about the primary business information, particularly the contact details (e.g. name, address, phone number, website, hours). 

Improve Awareness by Including a Business Description

Write a concise yet intriguing “from the business” description. Tick all applicable attributes on the settings and add all your products and services.

Establish Credibility by Posting Content Regularly

Use GMB similarly to a regular social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Publish posts, preferably with images, weekly and include relevant keywords on the captions. Regular content posting will add value and entice those who see your listings to click your website or contact you.

Encourage Reviews

Google loves seeing business reviews from a ranking perspective, and more importantly, so do your prospective customers and clients. Encourage your existing customers to leave a review for you if they feel they’ve had a good experience. You can add the link to your email signature, email clients directly or when they are making a purchase, then asking the simple question; “Would you mind leaving us a short review? It really helps our small business…?”

Build Connection by Responding to Customers

Increase engagement by answering questions, encouraging customer reviews and responding to all of them, regardless if they are positive or negative. Set up alerts and notifications so you can stay on top of customer comments.

Knowing How To Use Google My Business Pays Off

Whether you offer products or services, your GMB strategy should centre around providing as much quality information about your business as possible. Understanding the basics will help you optimise your page to get you to the first page of Google. 

Our team has helped many businesses across different industries improve search rankings and increase leads and conversions by providing them with what they need to know about how to use Google My Business. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Google My Business and your digital marketing strategy. We’d love to help.