How To Make Great Facebook Ads That Convert

How To Make Great Facebook Ads That Convert

Facebook is an excellent platform to run ad campaigns for your business. With its massive reach and constant updates to make their advertising tools and features better, it’s a necessity for modern-day businesses. To create great Facebook ads that convert, you need a solid, well-thought-out strategy.

This blog will explore the different elements that can take your Facebook ads from boring to brilliant.

Here Are Some Tips To Make Great Facebook Ads

RELEVANCE: Understanding Your Audience

When you create a product or a service, your initial goal in mind (aside from making money) is to solve a problem and address a pain point. However, you can’t just run a Facebook ad in a matter-of-fact way. Connecting with your target audience is the key.

Accepting the fact that what you offer is not for everyone on Facebook is the start. Narrow it down to determining who will benefit from your products and services. Consider their age, location, demographics, interests, the type of language they use, their purchasing behaviours, etc.

For example, you wouldn’t use current slang and use recent pop culture references for an audience of retirees.

Visualise yourself as your customer and create an image and ad copy that you would want to see.

Facebook also makes advertising to the “right people” who will love your business easier by having a custom target audience tool. Facebook will automatically show your ads to people who are most likely to find your ads relevant. We recommend that you take advantage of this extremely useful tool.

VISUALS: Images that Capture and Copies That Evoke


Arguably the most essential part of the ad is the image because it’s usually the first thing that the audience sees. Your image/video needs to be captivating and to deliver the message of your ad clearly.

It’s important to keep in mind that Facebook ads only allow text to take up 20% of your image. Pay attention to small things like having the correct size (800 x 800) and ensuring your image resolution is as high as possible. These are things that will make a difference in how your audience perceives you and your business.

Useful Tool: Facebook Image Checker Tool


It’s tempting to cram as many amazing things about your product or service as you can when you’re making your ad. However, if you think that the more words you use, the more people will buy – think again. When it comes to Facebook ads, you need to keep it short and lead with value. Ask yourself questions like: 

What can your customer get out of using your service?

How can it make their life better?

Answering these questions in your copy clearly and concisely can persuade, entertain and excite your audience.

TESTING: Test And Refine

Testing is a crucial part of making great Facebook ads, and the biggest social media platform allows you to spend a small amount of money to try things out.

You can test a variety of elements. For example:

  • Long vs short copy
  • Image with text vs image with no text
  • Button vs no button
  • Image placement

Testing these variables to see which one gives you the best performance helps you optimise your ad so you can maximise its performance.

Try running two different ads – each with the same image, but different copies or different pictures with the identical ad copy. See which resonates most with your audience. Pay attention to the level of engagement – which version gets the most likes, comments, and sales. It also helps for the next time you create a Facebook ad as you can use the information or style that worked the best

At the end of the day, Facebook ads are not a ‘set and forget’ platform. In order to get the best performance, it requires constant tweaking and testing to find the perfect mix for your audience. The more you test, the better your results. 

We Can Create Great Facebook Ads That Boost Your Sales

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