How to get the most out of Facebook Advertising

How to get the most out of Facebook Advertising

How to get the most out of Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is becoming extremely popular for both small and large sized business.   With the option of targeting your audience and selecting your budget, Facebook has made the advertising very user friendly, allowing more and more people to utilise it.  The question remains though, how to get the most out of Facebook Advertising?

Facebook on Mobile

Facebook ads on mobile devices have seen a positive response over the past months.  A study conducted in September 2013 by the RBC Capital Marketers and Advertising discovered that 35% of US marketers got a better return of investment from mobile devices and tablets rather than desktop ads.   While there is a strong response from both channels, this demonstrates the rise of users accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.  It is naturally predicted that by the end of next year Facebook ad revenue will continue to rise at a rapid rate.

How to earn money through Facebook Ads?

People seem to confuse what Facebook is used for and that’s because it can be utilised for many different purposes.  Your number one tip is to decide what you are using Facebook for.  Is it to drive leads to your website, promote your products or simply build a mailing list?  The latter is becoming the favoured with many small to medium sized business.  Once somebody subscribes to your products and services, you have more opportunities to build rapport with them, before attempting to sell anything.

Do you have an opt in page on your website?  This could be set up with your business offering a free report, eBook, consultation, product sample etc.  It’s a great way of building your database and in this case, you can redirect prospects through Facebook ads to the opt in page.

Most website templates and hosting services support this type of application.  Once prospects enter their email address, their email is added to your database and you can then choose how to use those precious details.

TOP TIP – Do not just constantly sell products to your prospects.  It will simply annoy them and they will unsubscribe.  If they have subscribed then they are interested in an aspect of your service, so provide them free tips, articles and advice to help them.

People usually want to see quality content and have trust in you before they start paying for your products and services.

You may decide you don’t wish to build a mailing list, but instead would like to use Facebook to promote products directly to your fans.  If that’s the case, then it’s important to build your likes and follows first.  This can again be done through Facebook Advertising and Promoted Posts.

A Social Media Plan will help support your business with this type of strategy and we’d recommend having at least a handful of products and services to promote, as this will help build your engagement with a wider audience.  You can also make use of Facebook Competitions to build your likes and promote your business.

The same rules apply and you will still need to build rapport with your likers before selling products to them.

In summary:

  1. Decide why you are using Facebook
  2. Create a strategy around this
  3. Use your ads to support this strategy
  4. DO NOT constantly sell to your audience
  5. Build a rapport and relationship
  6. Provide them with free content, offers, tips and advice.
  7. Once you have built a relationship- you can then decide the best method to sell directly to your audience.

Facebook advertising doesn’t have to be expensive, so take a look and have a play around.  If you need any help, then please get in touch with us