How To Gain More Leads Through LinkedIn

How To Gain More Leads Through LinkedIn

Out of the many social media platforms that have sprung out over the last two decades, LinkedIn is by far one of the most misunderstood, underrated and overlooked platforms. One major misconception is that people only use this platform to occasionally update their resume. Although this may not be an entirely negative perception, it offers much more. For businesses, there are many ways to gain more leads through LinkedIn.  It is undoubtedly one of the most effective social media platforms to use to expand your reach, generate high-quality leads, and improve your sales conversion.


Quality of Users

According to LinkedIn, there are now:

  • 500 million business professionals registered users. 75 per cent have incomes over $50,000, and 44 per cent have incomes over $75,000.
  • 100 million users are active daily.
  • 40 million users are in decision-making roles.
  • Executives from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn.
  • A survey of business executives found that 76 per cent of them check their LinkedIn accounts on a daily basis.

With the quality of users that LinkedIn has, this platform is definitely a goldmine for businesses.


When you use LinkedIn, you can target the specific group of potential clients. You will have the ability to market your business to a very micro-demographic. You can search people by their geographic location, current and/or past company, industry, profile language, etc. Therefore, avoiding the challenge of marketing to a generalised public. This can increase your chances of generating high-quality leads that can turn into paying customers.


Here are some simple ways to gain more leads through LinkedIn

  1. Optimise Your Profile

How you present yourself and your business in your profile is the first and most crucial step to gain more leads through LinkedIn.


Complete Your Profile Info

Fill out ALL the necessary and applicable information. Research shows that users who complete their profile are forty times more likely to receive incoming inquiries because of this action alone. Include a list of your past/current projects so your viewers can take a glimpse of the quality of your work.

Make it Search Friendly

Tailor your page so that the content is search friendly. Use industry buzzwords relating to the services you offer and your qualifications. Include them in your profile, but don’t get overly “keywordy”. Too many keywords can come off annoying and tacky.

Hide the “People Also Viewed” section

This section lists similar profiles to yours. To keep the focus on YOU and avoid giving your viewers an open invitation to check out the competition, hide this section. You can do this on the “Privacy & Settings” of your account.

  1. Polish Your Lead List

Determine your ideal lead. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool where you are given 22 different filter categories so you can refine the LinkedIn database into your ideal target list. From there, build your connection list.

  1. View and Be Viewed

View your potential lead’s profile so yours will come up on their “Recently Viewed” list. Wait and see if they will view you back. When this happens, it shows the first sign of interest. You can then send them a personalised message requesting to be connected. For example, you can say “Hi Tina, I saw we viewed each other’s profiles. I thought it would be great to connect.”

  1. Gain ‘Warm Leads’ Through Your Current Connections

As often as you can, reach out to your current connections. You will have a greater chance with ‘warm leads’ or those that you have been introduced to through your mutual connection. These so-called ‘warm leads’ are more likely to be converted to paying customers because they have been recommended. The social validation or being introduced by somebody that they trust is a huge factor.

  1. Stay Relevant

To gain more leads through LinkedIn, you have to stay relevant and current. Consistently post interesting and relevant images, articles, blogs, videos and other content that can spread awareness, enrich knowledge, and build your credibility and authority. Update regularly and follow a schedule. Consistency instils a sense of reliability and trust.

Are you interested to gain more leads through LinkedIn so you can take your business further? Let us help you create an effective strategy to use this social media platform to benefit your business. CONTACT US NOW!

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