‘How Google+ can help boost your Google rankings’:

‘How Google+ can help boost your Google rankings’:

So, you want to improve your Google search rankings? Well, everything is about numbers these days. There is so much competition and to become top of the pile a savvy marketer has to use every tool available. Then why not look to Google+ to help boost your rankings? Google’s social media site may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter, but you should only ignore it at your peril. Firstly, it’s Google: the king of the Internet. This means that actually, though it is not social media’s top dog, it is assimilated with many other Google products, so whatever you do on Google+ effects what happens on Google.

With 68% of searches happening on Google, you want to be able to tap into Google’s huge audience – and that is one huge audience! Reports suggest that within one month Google had 300 million viewers of all affiliated apps.

It is not simply a matter of getting people to look at your Google+ page. Your presence on Google can be improved through the actions you do on Google+. That means if you post a message, share a link, +1 someone else’s post (Google+’s way of ‘liking’) or comment on someone else’s post; you will improve your Google ranking.

After signing up to Google+, the first thing that you need to do is complete your profile. Many people don’t complete their profile fully and miss the opportunity to get their company’s information across. Have a link to your main website. Give people the opportunity to contact you. Likewise, on your website have your Google+ button. You can customise your URL to help with SEO and adding keywords will help boost your ratings also.

There are many ways that Google+ can help you to gain better search engine results:


Google wants to return quality and relevant information whenever anyone uses the search engine. It recognises quality content through authorship. Websites that have verified authors will be ranked higher than websites that are anonymous. Google+ allows you to build that authorship.

Content is King

Build up a your following by posting content. Reliable, well-constructed content will attract more people and more 1+s, which in turn boosts rankings. If you have poor content, you’re wasting your time, so spend the time to get it right.

Encourage Reviews

Get interactive with people and encourage them to leave reviews. Make sure you stay on top of your reviews by replying to people, thank them for their custom. Be aware that bad reviews will probably happen. Don’t go on the offensive, resist the urge to bite and treat these reviews as positively as you can as it shows that you care about your customer’s experience.

If you are totally new to Google+, it is well worth getting into, especially for marketing your business. Remember the stronger your presence on Google+, the stronger your Google ranking will be.

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