How Doing Business Globally is Becoming Easier

Nowadays, more and more companies are presenting their business to a global market. From small startups to medium enterprises and large well established businesses, the digital age has helped level the playing field when it comes to using technology to reach a customer and close a sale. Gone are the days when only companies with the deepest pockets can afford the latest and greatest high-end technological advances.

Anyone anywhere can punch a few keywords into a search engine and find the product or service they want – anywhere in the world. Digital technology now means that you can communicate with the rest of the world at the touch of a button, regardless of whether you are talking to a business associate in the next state or overseas.

Companies are more connected than ever before and the barriers to going global are much lower, thanks to technology-based solutions which help to improve productivity, market reach, and revenue. Not sure if your business is capitalising on these technologies? Then read on……

An Online Workplace

Take for instance the concept of cloud computing. Here, companies are able to hire IT service experts from anywhere in the world on demand. A startup based in Sydney for example, now has access to the expertise of a software developer from India, USA, or any other country. Not only does this pool of virtual workers benefit the startup by solving a problem or completing a project, it is also a highly cost effective mode of work. The employer only pays for the services or hours worked by the expert abroad, therefore eliminating the costs of monthly salaries and benefits normally paid to an in-house employee.

The Virtual Office

Taking the virtual worker concept one step further, these days many startups and SMEs are choosing not to spend business capitol on bricks and mortar shopfronts or offices. Instead they are opting to work out of a virtual workspace. In fact, many online businesses only need a well-developed website, and that in itself will serve as their place of business – with products or services being promoted and sold over the internet. This now means that many businesses can now operate 24 hours a day, with online transactions secure and fully automated, allowing business owners to literally earn money while they sleep.

Smart Technology

Technology is now highly efficient, attainable and most importantly, cheap. Take for example smartphones and the introduction of Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) services such as Skype, Facetime and other web/video conferencing apps. These innovative and highly affordable applications have made it even easier to do business on an international level. From video conferencing to submitting and sharing files through cloud based programs such as Google Docs or collaboration sites like Basecamp and Asana, people, resources and projects can be easily and conveniently managed from any location. All these new gadgets and applications have allowed businesses to expand into the global market without the need for either an extensive workforce or a large upfront investment.

Marketing in the Digital Age

Digital marketing, the promotion of your product or brand via digital media, is a veritable gateway to reaching your target audience in a cost effective way. Business owners now have a host of advertising and promotional tools at their fingertips via the internet, including social media platforms, digital display advertising, direct electronic mail, search engine optimization and webinars just to name a few.

For example, the trend for brands to have their own social media account is prevalent, allowing them to reach a global audience of followers without buying expensive advertising space. Social media has indeed become a powerful force in influencing people’s purchasing decisions and businesses who fail to recognize this are losing a lot of potential customers, clients – and needless to say, profits.

Bringing Your Business to the Global Market

Whether you’re a budding startup or an established business, you now have just as much opportunity to ‘go global’ as does a large company, but with the added opportunity to be entrepreneurial and energetic, without the constraints of huge corporate structures. Taking advantage of modern technology and the connectivity that the internet and digital tools can offer should definitely be part of your overall growth plan. These are indispensable tools which, when used properly, will not only widen your market but also make your business model more efficient and cost effective.

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