How do I get more leads?

How do I get more leads?

How do I get more leads?

Leads, sales, customers – everyone always wants more!  Unfortunately in our pursuit to create more leads our existing customers and database are often overlooked.  It’s perceived to be too hard to try and up-sell or cross sell to your existing customers or even reactive old ones.  It’s important to include some Customer Relationship Marketing and Touch Points in your marketing plan to communicate with your existing and lapsed customers along with your enquirers.

Having said the above, this article is ‘How do I get more leads?’  Before you know how many leads you want, then you should work out your conversion rates.  A conversion rate is based on how many leads you require in order to get a sale.  e.g. A builder may need to obtain 20 leads in order to provide 10 quotes to make 3 sales.  His conversion rate for leads to quotes is 20:10 (50%) and his conversion of quotes to sales is 10:3 (30%).,  This will vary greatly depending on your business model, products and services.

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The first thing to do is work these conversions out to give you an idea of how many leads you require in order to get the sales you need.  After that you need to incorporate this into your Marketing Plan and have a number of leads against each activity which is achievable.  This way you have a number of channels providing you with leads which you can then convert to sales.

Leads can be created through various marketing channels depending on what products and services you offer.  There are different channels available which are dependant on your business and budget.

Obtaining more leads doesn’t have to be a costly exercise if you follow a plan that is structured and you carry out activity each and every week.  There are sales methods you can use to help increase your conversion rates which results in either more customers or less leads, depending on your objectives.

Direct Marketing Solutions can provide you with a structured Marketing Plan which maps out all of the above for you, leaving you to simply implement within your business.

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