Google Ads and Facebook Ads: What is Better For Your Business?

Google Ads and Facebook Ads: What is Better For Your Business?

Over the last few years, Google Ads and Facebook Ads have dominated the digital advertising space. Both have features and benefits that business owners and advertisers find very useful. The question really is “Which platform is right for your business?” Before we answer that, we have to understand why today, more than ever, digital advertising is essential.

Importance of Digital Advertising

The way we do advertising has fundamentally changed over the last decade. With more smartphones per household, and the world obsessed with social media, people are now able to find, interact and buy from brands at the click of a button any time, anywhere.

We have become demanding (and impatient) consumers who want to find the products, services and information that we are looking for quickly and conveniently. Digital advertising addresses this need.

Business owners advertise online, customers find them. Both parties are empowered. It’s a win-win.

Is Digital Advertising Financially Worth It?

Look at it as an investment in your business…

Bank interest rates for savings, stock market and real estate offer a return of between 2-20%. So every $10.00 you put in, you only get $0.02 – $2.00 back.

When it comes to advertising, you can be returning between 30-400% like our clients here at Puzzle Media. So for every $10.00 you put in, you get $3.00-$40.00 back. Sounds like a better investment, right?

Why Google Ads?

Google is the world’s most popular and widely used search engine. It provides access to a massive number of potential audience who are looking for products and services online.

No other search engine compares to the immense consumer reach that Google can. Added to our daily vocab is “Google it.” which means ‘search for it online’. This is how much of a household name Google is today.

If you’re looking to hit the high search traffic, Google as is a great place to advertise. Remember, people use Google when they know what they are looking for. They type in their searches with a purpose in mind. (e.g. “Marketing Agency Gold Coast”).

Give us a shout if you have specific questions about Google Ads and how they could work for your business.

Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook, on the other hand, has dominated the industry as the largest social media platform site. According to a recent study, the average person will spend more than five years of their life browsing through social media. Hang on a second, let that sink in for a minute. That is a ridiculous amount of time right? Also worth tapping into if your potential customers and clients are hanging out on there already…

Facebook Ads are used to create awareness about a problem people do not know they have, or a service/product that they are unaware exists. It’s not based on searching for something you know you need, it’s finding out about a product or service you weren’t previously aware of. For example, poor cash flow in business could be attributed to not enough marketing and lead generation to build more customers and clients. The user searching wouldn’t necessarily search for ‘Marketing Agency Gold Coast‘ to fix this problem.

Another example could be you have a back problem and know that you should probably book in with a chiropractor, BUT an advert pops up on Facebook advertising Yoga For Back Pain… It’s a different service, providing different results, but you are inclined to explore that option.

The other KEY difference is the targeting options are far more defined and granular. The ‘interests’ option when you’re setting ads up is based on groups we are members of, pages we like, events we attend. In a nutshell, Facebook knows what we like and what we don’t like based on our activity on the platform. You can also target previous customers, create lookalike audiences, and much much more. Again for Facebook Ads specific questions please shoot us a message.

Difference Between Google Ads and Facebook Ads for Business

Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Google Ads and Facebook Ads



Take a good look at this snapshot comparison between the two platforms…

There is no right and wrong with this, but over our 15 years + of marketing experience, we generally know what will work better for a business, and advise according to key objectives, budgets, services, products etc.

Simply put though, how to understand whether to use Google Ads or Facebook Ads for business, Google Ads helps you find new customers who are searching for your services and Facebook Ads helps you reach potential customers who have a need but may not know it yet.

Using Google Ads and Facebook Ads for business has huge benefits. Both are incredibly powerful advertising platforms that cater to practically every type of business. Choosing the right one depends on how you want to be viewed by the customer.






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