Gifting as a Tool for Marketing

Gifting as a Tool for Marketing

At Puzzle Media, we are always looking for ideas and ways that organisations provide a positive customer experience.

 Our CEO Tina Hay had a great experience recently through Airbnb. She had booked a small weekend getaway with her family. They stayed on a beautiful property on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. So beautiful that she just had to share it with her followers with a tag on Instagram for @Airbnb

To Tina’s surprise, a couple of days later, she received an email from Airbnb acknowledging the Instagram tag and asking her to pick a gift of choice as a thank you. She chose a lovely pair of salad tongs that now remind her of the beautiful experience through Airbnb. 

As a result of this interaction, the Puzzle team began brainstorming about the psychology of gifting and how it is such an easy way to benefit your business and assist your marketing campaigns. 

There are many options when it comes to gifting.  It may be a physical piece of merchandise, something that is unique to your client or an experience.


How Gifting can Assist your Business 

 Gifting your customers can assist your business in some of the following areas:

  • Becoming a memorable brand to your customers 
  • Showing appreciation for choosing your business
  • Encouraging repeat business from your clients and customers
  • Help build brand awareness
  • Increase your company’s exposure through word of mouth marketing.


Factors to keep in mind when picking out a gift include:

Personalisation of the gift: A thoughtful, personal gift will be much more appreciated than something generic. 

Memorable: Make sure the gift is special and unique to help it stand out and be remembered long after being received.

Budget: What are you willing to spend and will this cost reciprocate through new and existing clients? 

Cultural and social norms within your industry or market: Think about your audience. Be sure to consider the culture they fit into and what is appropriate to give them, e.g., not everyone drinks alcohol.


Examples of Gifting Campaigns 

 Different scenarios call for different approaches. It is essential to consider these if you’re offering your customers and clients gifts.

Good examples of gifting campaigns include:

  • Small businesses might send branded pens or notepads to their best customers to thank them.
  • A luxury retail store could offer a gift with purchase during the holiday season to attract new shoppers.
  • A company might send delicious food baskets or gift cards to their employees to appreciate their hard work.

With a bit of thought and planning, gifting as part of your marketing strategy can be a successful way to show your appreciation, build goodwill, and promote your business. We have some beautiful partners we refer our clients to for promotional products and gift ideas, so reach out of you need some inspiration.