Facebook Undergoes Changes

Facebook Undergoes Changes

Have you noticed anything new on Facebook over the last couple of weeks? If your answer is NO, then take a quick look and come right back…Did you see what we are talking about? Yes, Facebook undergoes changes. It has gone through a little facelift.

Let’s be honest over the last 12-18 months Facebook hasn’t had a great rap.

First was the Cambridge Analytica’s misappropriation of users’ data, then came Facebook’s role in spreading hate speech that evoked the genocide in Myanmar, and of course numerous stories of fake news and malicious hoaxes.

Well, Facebook has put its foot down and said enough is enough. They are trying to convince users that they have learned from the past and are taking on a broader view of their responsibility.

Facebook Undergoes Changes…What Does That Mean For You?  

The redesign has cleaned up its busy interface with simpler tabs. It now allows users to quickly navigate from the account’s news feed to Facebook Watch (Facebook’s video hub), homepage, groups, to notifications.

  1. Colour Scheme
    The company’s trademark blue colour scheme has been replaced with much more white space. The iconic blue bordering menu bar is replaced with a more simple, sleek and white style design.
  2. Facebook Groups Location
    On desktop, all users will have a Groups tab added to the top of their Facebook homepage. On the mobile app, where there’s less space, these tabs change based on what users utilise the most.
Facebook Undergoes Changes
New Facebook Interface

3. Messenger
Facebook is working to “make Messenger the fastest private communication app on the entire planet.” It will now load content in two seconds or less, encouraging developers to build new, faster and lighter chatbots.
Messenger will also have a desktop app for both Windows and MacOs and will also allow businesses to make appointment booking through Messenger.
4. Facebook Marketplace
Facebook is also rolling out new tools via Marketplace, its shopping hub. Users will be able to make payments directly on Marketplace and handle shipping directly through the social network.

How Do These Facebook Changes Affect Businesses?

As Facebook undergoes changes, the main focus will be a community, which has in fact been the case for a while, with Facebook prioritising Events, Groups and Messenger. Be prepared to see more of the posts from groups and events you’re interested in and a member of.

Ultimately, Facebook wants to keep users on the app for longer, therefore are changing the newsfeed to give people what they want.

One big bonus of this is the option to build smaller groups around your business and industry likes ours – https://www.facebook.com/groups/marketingmindsetcollective/

What about Facebook Advertising?

In terms of Facebook Advertising, there will be options rolled out to advertise in groups and there is the talk of rewarding your number one fans, so they talk about your products and services more ‘organically’. Influencer marketing at its best.

Adding to the above, the Facebooks updates rolled out will encourage those that have left the app to come back. Great news! It will also allow advertisers to build more targeted audiences, who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

The change to make the interface cleaner and more comfortable to navigate will help boost utilisation of Facebook tools like Marketplace and Messenger by users, marketers and business owners.

If you have any questions about Facebook Marketing, feel free to contact us.


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