Facebook Ads Management Brisbane Agency – A Case Study

Facebook Ads Management Brisbane Agency – A Case Study

This case study is about how Puzzle Media, a Facebook Ads Management Brisbane agency, helped a non-profit organisation achieve 45% positive returns on their Facebook Ads investment within seven short weeks.

Facebook Ads Management Brisbane Agency Case Study – Partnership With A Not-For-Profit

We work with a number of organisations in the not for profit sector, and one of them is The Children’s Hospital Foundation in Brisbane. This charity helps sick and injured children by funding life-saving medical research, investing in critical equipment and providing support for the kids as well as their families. We have worked with them on several marketing projects, and they’ve always been happy with our work.

For this specific campaign, they needed professional help with advertising. The organisation was paying thousands of dollars for ads but was unable to monitor the progress correctly. Overall, they needed more guidance on how to structure and implement a paid social campaign. They tied up with a not-for-profit raffle company to help raise funds.

The Objective

Our task was to entice people to support the organisation through the purchase of raffle tickets being sold via a third party, Play For Purpose. We will be running a seven-week Facebook Ads campaign.

Pre Facebook Ads Campaign

As a Facebook Ads Management Brisbane agency, we always run an in-depth pre-audit.  We looked at what paid adverts run previously to obtain available data and conduct necessary analysis. 

Our initial findings are a crucial factor we consider when creating a plan. With the numbers we gathered, we were able to develop the strategy to achieve our objective for this specific campaign.

The Campaign

The most crucial part of the campaign is determining the audiences, which we did. We then divided the campaign into three phases. We did this to create a smooth transition from our audience knowing about the charity to ultimately purchasing tickets.

The Results

The seven-week campaign was not all smooth sailing. Just like in any other project, there were some challenges along the way.

Our experience as a Facebook Ads Management Brisbane Agency helped us gain the foresight to include contingency plans that address potential issues.

In the end, we have helped The Children’s Hospital Foundation generate a positive 45% return, which is amazing!

Our Conclusion As a Facebook Ads Management Brisbane Agency

The smooth transition per phase that we focused on when we created the strategy worked successfully. The audiences behaved as we expected in every round.

As mentioned previously, knowing your audience is critical. In this case, we knew our audiences would get overwhelmed if we go heavy on the sales pitch early on. We also analysed their interests and behaviour online. We used the information to help us create copies and images that attract and persuade them to purchase tickets.

Testing is also an essential part of the campaign. We know for a fact that we cannot rely on just a one copy-one image ad. We need to test different ads and mix and match copies and images to see what performs the best.

Lastly, the installation of pixels helped us monitor the performance of the campaign. The generated data became our basis on what we need to do next.

The Children’s Hospital Foundation continues to help the sick and injured today, and we’re thrilled to have helped them raise much-needed funds for the services they generously provide.

If you need help with running Facebook Ads for your business, please get in touch with us. We’re happy to help.