Email subject lines that work and why.

Email subject lines that work and why.

Email subject lines play a very important role in getting your emails opened. Really, they are responsible for catching your audience’s attention, piquing their interest, and making them click to open your email. If your subject line fails, your efforts will be assigned to the unopened and deleted pile, regardless of how much value your email content delivers. There are a few ways that you can work on crafting email subject lines that get those emails opened every time.

Be the girl next door

Location-specific subject lines do two great things. Firstly, mentioning an area that your audience knows established immediate familiarity – ‘Hey, I know where that is!’. Secondly, because your audience are already onboard with your topic of discussion, they are more likely to be interested in what you have to say, and will want to discover more.

Spice it up!

If your newsletter leads with, ‘10% off these amazing things’, every issue, it’s likely that your amazing things will very quickly start appearing much less amazing. Or if you regularly write in a very similar way about a similar topic, your emails wont’ even be opened because your audience will have already guessed at the content, and will probably be spot on.Subscribe to hear the latest in Social Media and Marketing today!

Change up your subject lines. Keep it fresh. What would make you open up an email?

Time is precious

Don’t beat around the bush. You have gotten your audience to sign up to your newsletter, don’t lose them because you try to fit all of your email content into the subject line! Many people read their emails on smartphones, with small screens, and character constraints. Make your subject lines short, snappy and user friendly. Some experts say to keep it under eight words. And use your big words to introduce the subject line.

Is there an emergency?

It’s human nature. It’s annoying, but it’s a fact that urgency grabs attention. That’s why ‘ending soon’ sales still work on us. We hate to miss out. Putting a deadline on your subject line increases the odds of your open rates increasing. Quick, write something urgent in your subject line!

Just for you

Personalising an email subject line used to be a lot of work. Now, it can be as easy as inserting a code into the subject line and, Dear John, your message is personally delivered to each of your audience members.

The same is true if you are working business to business and use individual business names in subject lines.

No one wants to be a number. Personalised emails are more likely to be opened and make your audience feel individually valued.

Subject lines don’t have to be boring. In fact, a great subject line is the difference between reaching your audience and being completely ignored. Incorporate some of the subject line strategies and see what a positive difference it makes to your open rates.

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