Effective Marketing Strategy For Turning Enquiries Into Sales

Effective Marketing Strategy For Turning Enquiries Into Sales

An essential part of running a successful business is having a strong marketing strategy in place. You need to position your business correctly, attract and engage potential customers and clients, and then, of course, encourage them to buy from you or at least enquire with you. Once you have gone past the attraction marketing and lead generation step, the next phase is turning these leads into paying customers, and nurturing them into becoming loyal, repeat buyers. 

In this article, we will share tips that will help with conversion. As part of building a marketing strategy, having a customer journey and lead conversion journey in place makes up part of this. It’s about using the most suitable marketing channels and tools to take someone from enquiry or signing up to an offer through to a sale. 

What To Include In Your Marketing Strategy To Help Conversion

Segment Your Database

You may be generating hundreds of enquiries per month, but not all of them may qualify as high quality leads. 

To begin with, we recommend generating leads strategically. This can be achieved through running targeted digital advertising campaigns such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads. These platforms are designed to target specific users based on their demographics and preferences. Explore lead generation tools that provide a clear strategy for targeting prospects. 

Once you have built a database, filter it further through automation. You can filter based on products or services they have shown an interest in, downloads, training they have attended etc. Ensure the warmer leads of those more likely to convert soon are placed in a different nurture campaign. 

Communication Is Key

It’s crucial to be proactive about nurturing your leads immediately. You don’t want your prospect to walk away from you and shake hands with a competitor!

Your goal is to have a personalised approach that you can achieve by speaking to them at the point of their buyer journey. Find the right balance between choosing the channels (e.g. email marketing, social media platforms and cold calling) that your prospects prefer and the best platforms to use to achieve your marketing goal. 

Use Clear Call To Action

A key element of any marketing strategy for conversion to work is having a clear Call To Action (CTA); it’s the key to people saying YES! To encourage conversion, include links and images that will bring people towards their desired actions. Run A/B tests to know the most effective. 

Have a Social Media Presence

You can’t expect to build trust with your customers if you don’t keep them updated. Social media is an accessible avenue that can also encourage conversions. We encourage clients to share news about their business, blog posts, new products and services and other valuable content that focuses on how your business can help the users.

For extra exclusivity, create social media communities or groups. They are the perfect way to build trust, provide opportunities for long-term relationships and encourage more conversions. Members can post user generated content, such as reviews and testimonials about your product and services. 

If you need a more tailored marketing strategy for conversions, please get in touch with us.

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