Digital Marketing Gold Coast: How We Are Helping Local Businesses Grow

Digital Marketing Gold Coast: How We Are Helping Local Businesses Grow

Running a business should be exciting and fulfilling. However, there are times it can also be overwhelming, particularly when finding ways to generate revenue. Puzzle Media is a Digital Marketing Gold Coast agency providing marketing processes, platforms and tools that help local businesses continue to grow.

How Digital Marketing Gold Coast Help Support Local Businesses

Gold Coast business owners can use Digital Marketing in many different ways to scale and grow. Whilst some of the channels and strategies we use are straightforward, some are more complex. 

Digital Advertising

Advertising online, when done correctly, is a great way to generate new leads and gain more customers in your local area. You can opt for platforms such as Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or Google Ads. Each varies in how they are managed and with the outcome received. The best option is to choose the platform that best serves your business and marketing goals so you can begin targeting those locals.

Content Marketing

An ideal way to build your business online and gain traction in your local area is to produce content and marketing AND promote the content you are creating. You may have fantastic blogs and value creating social media posts, but without the proper marketing, it all goes to waste; nobody sees it, nobody gains from it.

A handful of the areas that Digital Marketing Gold Coast teams recommend using to help build your business locally include SEO, Copywriting and Social Media. Using local hashtags such as #goldcoastbusiness or #goldcoastlife can really help boost your exposure across social media.

Local Digital Marketing Experts 

With anything marketing related, it’s important to develop a tailored marketing strategy rather than copying what others are doing. It’s hardly ever a one-size-fits-all approach because each business has different markets, branding styles, products, services and audiences. 

Puzzle Media provides you with experts who are not only familiar with the local business landscape but also understand marketing. Our team helps create strategies and manage campaigns that provide optimum results. 

Case Study: 

A local business enlisted the services of Puzzle Media to help them create and launch their first national Digital Marketing campaign amid COVID-19.

We created and implemented a Digital Marketing Strategy that utilised a mix of both organic content and advertising using digital channels such as Facebook and Instagram (paid and organic), Google (paid and organic) and LinkedIn. The goal was to build brand awareness and engagement in their market segments.

As a result:

  • Website traffic has increased by +585%
  • Bookings have increased by 60%
  • Enquiries have doubled 
  • Sales have tripled 

The campaign was launched at the height of the pandemic and continues to build momentum. This proves that a tailored digital marketing strategy that considers all existing and potential contributing factors will achieve phenomenal outcomes. 

If you need help creating a digital marketing strategy for your business, please book in for a consultation.

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