Cost of Google Ads

Cost of Google Ads

Google Ads have played a significant role in growing small businesses on the Gold Coast. It has become a useful tool for customers to easily find services online. The concern of local small business owners is how much running Google Ads on the Gold Coast would cost them.

The Basics of Google Ads

Before advertising, you should have some understanding of how Google Ads on the Gold Coast work.

Google Ads on the Gold Coast operate on a pay-per-click basis. Pay-per-click advertising is an internet marketing model where advertisers pay a fee to search engine companies such as Google each time users click their ads.

When users initiate a search online using keywords, Google displays ads related to what the users are trying to find. Usually located at the top of the SERP (search engine result page), Google ads in itself is an invitation to access your website.

Google Ads on the Gold Coast
Google Ads

Running Google Ads On The Gold Coast…Is it worth it?

All business owners know that any business decision should always be cost-effective.

Is there enough budget for marketing to cover running Google Ads on the Gold Coast?
Would it entail work that may cause the company to pay even more?
Will the ROI (return on investment) be worth it?

Let us break it down for you.

We are positive that you will get a good chance of a high ROI when you advertise through Google Ads on the Gold Coast. It is the most popular search engine anyway. There is even a modern technology phrase coined several years back during the internet boom. People would say “google it.” which means look for it online and goes to show that people rely on Google to provide them with answers.

We here at Puzzle Media like to test different variables to achieve the best results, and we know that when the formula works, it can be like a golden ticket for clients.

Often, we see returns of 2-5 x ROAS (return on ad spend). When this is not happening, it is either because your business is not suited to Google Ads (it’s not for everyone) OR your Google Ads campaign isn’t being managed properly. Managing your ads can be the difference between success and failure when it comes to running Google Ads on the Gold Coast.

What is the Cost of Google Ads on the Gold Coast?

The cost of Gold Coast Google Ads management varies between agencies. Here at Puzzle Media, we charge an affordable rate to make it easy for clients to see high returns from their overall spend each month.

Ad budget should be strictly set by using different tactics like where exactly you have to display your ads by targeting the audience. The company has to pay when a user clicks on the advertisement.

The average price when people click your ad can be anywhere between $1 to $25. The maximum cost that the company has to pay is $50 or more on just one click. Such conditions arise when your target market is highly competitive.

The retailers spend a maximum $50 million annually on the ads. Such retailers are giant, and they are competitively interacting with the other equally, if not more prominent companies.

Our current Gold Coast and Brisbane Google Ads Management clients spend between $1000-$5000 per month on Google Ads, depending on the business and cost of services. Management is in addition to that, but overall, IT IS a good strategy to grow your business by targeting those searching for your products.

If you have extra budget and it’s relevant, then it’s also worth investing in Facebook retargeting ads to share the message across Facebook and Instagram.

If you would like to find out more about our Gold Coast Google Ads Management services, please contact us today.

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