Content Marketing Australia

Content Marketing should be one of the central players in your marketing puzzle if you want to create a buzz about your brand. It’s almost like the bread to a sandwich – bear with us on this one. There’s some good Content Marketing coming up 😉 For instance, if you’re still reading, then we’ve managed to position us in the right light…

Why Content Marketing?

You attract new clients and customers through creating and sharing valuable, relevant and consistent content. The aim is to attract these prospects and build likeability and trust. As a result of doing this, your readers and followers and likes will begin to get to know you and eventually feel confident in investing in you and your business.

To attract these potential clients using Content Marketing services, you can share your content using various methods (SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Carrier Pigeons, etc.) The aim is to create valuable content that helps your readers and followers understand more about you and what you can offer.

Once someone becomes a customer, you then need to keep them through creating and sharing valuable, relevant… ok am sure you get the idea.

  • Slice of bread – Content to attract
  • Sandwich filling – Sale
  • Slice of bread – Content to keep
  • See it’s a sandwich, of sorts.

Puzzle Media Content Marketing Services

Our Content Marketing Services consists of blog posts, email marketing, eBooks, reports, infographics, lead magnets, videos, social media content and much more.

When you team up with the Puzzle Media crew, we look at the content you already have, review your audience or the peeps you want to attract, and then create a content calendar to help. We can even throw all of the content together for you using our team of fantastic content writers.

Topics we’ve written on in the past vary pretty massively. From different types of termites and bugs (that was an interesting one), through to Wills and Estate Planning, mindset work, pregnancy and birth, Self Managed Super Funds and many many many many more topics that we have created excellent content for.

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