Client Testimonials

We are fortunate to work with a wide range of amazing product and service-based businesses.

We work collaboratively with our clients to create strategies and implement action items that will piece together their unique digital marketing puzzle, helping them achieve their business goals.

Here are some of the testimonials and feedback that we have received from our clients proving that what we promise, we deliver.


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CLIENT: Piera Rossi

“Great experience at the Puzzle Media Digital Marketing Workshop. Tina and her team –Mariana and Nardia– were absolutely amazing. I finally could understand how Facebook Ads Management works :). Seriously, anyone looking for a high quality/professional digital marketing agency should contact them.”

Piera Rossi


CLIENT: Balanced Bookkeeping
SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Training and Workshops

“The Team at puzzle Media are amazing, Tina is an expert in the field of Marketing and knows how to help you build you digital presence and keep your customers engaged with a practical approach to your marketing needs. The Team at Puzzle can help you with marketing plans to suit any budget. I highly recommend Puzzle Media.”

Balanced Bookkeeping


CLIENT: Evans Brandon Family Lawyers
SERVICE PROVIDED: SEO, Content Creation, Social Media, Google Ads

“Great personal service from a locally based company. Tina and her team are focused and motivated to help their clients achieve the best result from their marketing budget whether large or small and on all platforms.”

Fiona Browne
Evans Brandon Family Lawyers


CLIENT: The Blue Door
SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Training and Workshops

“A massive thank you to Tina and the team at Puzzle Media! Being present at their recent Social Media education event was amazing, full of great information, tips and ways to build my business through these mediums.”

The Blue Door


CLIENT: Adwords Work Agency
SERVICE PROVIDED: LinkedIn Lead Generation

“We recently engaged Puzzle Media to assist us with generating more leads using LinkedIn. Tina provided us with amazing training and a really easy strategy to put in place, which has been proving great results in only a couple of weeks. We are now able to build relationships with specific people inside specific businesses, and open up possibilities for new clients in locations we never would have dreamed of. They are now assisting us with creating a Facebook advertising strategy tailored to suit our business.

I highly recommend Puzzle Media to assist with your overall marketing strategy, and helping you find which of the digital marketing platforms will suit your business the best.”

Adam Mackay
Adwords Work Agency


CLIENT: Tate Brownlee Real Estate
SERVICE PROVIDED: Facebook Management, Content Writing, Social Media Content, Social Media Management, SEO

“Good value and cutting edge for those who wish to take their online marketing to the next level!”

Tate Brownlee
Tate Brownlee Real Estate


CLIENT: Gold Coast Hospital Foundation
SERVICE PROVIDED: Facebook Ads Management, Content Writing, Social Media Content, Email Marketing

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Tina at Puzzle Media on our Appeals. Her social media knowledge and writing skills were expertly crafted to our NFP language and she always patiently answered my many, many questions. Thank you so much Tina.”

Vicki James
Gold Coast Hospital Foundation


CLIENT: Dance Desire
SERVICE PROVIDED: Facebook Ads Management, Content Creation

“Tina and her team make marketing so effortless and easy. We appreciate all the little things the team does and the endless amout of wonderful advice and direction Tina gives. We love Puzzle Media!”

Myf Fish
Dance Desire


CLIENT: Palm Beach Chiropractic
SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Training and Workshops

“Tina and her team are fantastic. The knowledge and experience she has is amazing and i couldn’t recommend her more. She is upfront with her expectations and prides herself on getting the best results for her clients.”

Palm Beach Chiropractic


CLIENT: Tweed Coolangatta Real Estate
SERVICE PROVIDED: Social Media Strategy and Social Media Content

“Tina certainly knows Marketing & how best to use Facebook & social media for your business, highly recommended.”

Kaeren Smith
Tweed Coolangatta Real Estate


CLIENT: Children’s Hospital Foundation
SERVICE PROVIDED: Facebook Ads Management

“Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your help with the campaign over the last couple of months.

This campaign has been successful on all different levels. I can’t thank you both enough for your wonderful assistance with setting up the tracking and hard work for running an amazing digital campaign with lots of different tests. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’ve shared it internally and we got lots of happy faces and impressed feedback. WOW… just WOW on the results. Thanks again for your wonderful support during this campaign.”

Megan Doohan
Children’s Hospital Foundation


CLIENT: HyrdoKleen (located in 34 countries worldwide)
SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Training, Copy Writing, Content Creation, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn

“Tina has shared with us valuable information that changed our business strategies to enhance growth. She worked at all levels of my company and was able to effectively communicate and build rapport immediately with everyone.

I was so confident with Tina’s ability to deliver, we engaged her to work very closely with our Franchise Partners. They loved her, for not only her knowledge and expertise but her ability to create positive outcomes and results. The franchise partners had no trouble in implementing and following Tina’s directions to easily achieve measurable results.

Tina has spoken at our conference and training days. I have also happily referred Tina as a speaker, trainer and facilitator to other companies and organisations I’m directly involved with on numerous occasions. The feedback I have received about Tina at all events from attendees has been nothing short of outstanding.”

Sharon Jurd
Director, Hydrokleen


CLIENT: Bond University
SERVICE PROVIDED: Copy Writing, Content Creation

“We worked with Tina and her team and they produced all of the written content for the new Bond University website. The site itself was over 650 pages and Tina and her team delivered. The website has been going well, and our enquiries and applications (both mostly driven by the website) have increased. We are very happy with the end result.”

Nathan Greenway
Bond University


CLIENT: Alzheimer’s Australia
SERVICE PROVIDED: Consulting and Training

“When it comes to strategic marketing, there are many that talk a good talk. Tina and her team help you make it happen. They have built confidence in us to share our business story widely. It’s engaging customers and bringing our organisation great results.”

William Bass
Director and Chairman, Alzheimer’s Australia


CLIENT: Pro Doc Solutions
SERVICE PROVIDED: Social Media, Facebook Ads, Copy Writing

“I worked with Tina on Social Media Strategy and am now reaping the rewards! I have regular leads coming through my LinkedIn network as a direct consequence. Exciting times ahead. I highly recommend Puzzle Media for anyone wishing to generate business or job opportunities through social media and online networks.”

Josh Green
Pro Doc Solutions


CLIENT: Frontier Tree Services
SERVICE PROVIDED: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Content Editing

“Before we began working with Tina and the team, our SEO was slowly getting worse, and we were spending a lot of money on Adwords with little results. We realised that if we were going to get results, it needed to be managed by someone with expertise in this area.

We have now been working with Puzzle Media (formerly DMS) since January 2017 and can see this was an investment truly worth making. Our sales from website leads have increased by an average of 20% and the enquiries are quality leads relevant to our business, which helps increase our conversion on our sales.

Tina and her team are very friendly and easy to talk to. They take the time to understand your business and what key aspects are important to advertise to clients. I have worked with many agencies in the past but have always found I’d get lost in all the industry in jargon and never truly understood what the reports and results all meant. I don’t have this problem anymore and find Tina provides me with all the updates and information I need in a way that I can understand.”

Koren Hosnell
Frontier Tree Services


CLIENT: Expedia
SERVICE PROVIDED: Consulting, Social Media, Facebook Advertising, LinkedIn

“Tina is the most talented digital strategist I have worked with. She has a deep understanding of how digital tools work, not just in theory but in the real world. She knows which ones will supercharge a campaign and make campaign ROI indisputable. If you have a chance to work with Tina and her team – do it!”

Kathy Wilson


CLIENT: Born to Dance
SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Facebook Advertising

“I have just finished working with Tina on Social Media and Online Marketing. Tina is very patient! After working with her, I came away knowing how to use online channels, and more importantly, how to adapt it to my business. I highly recommend anyone who is not sure about Online Marketing and Social Media to book in a meeting with Tina today. She can help put you on the right path.”

Lisa Ashkar
Born to Dance


CLIENT: Alegna Solutions
SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Strategy, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Creation, Copy Writing, Social Media

“I am pleased to endorse and recommend Tina Hay and the marketing team as an extraordinary asset to your business. Her marketing expertise always leaves me delighted with her commitment, passion and drive for excellence and results.”

Angela Elia
Alegna Solutions


CLIENT: Amaze Education
SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Strategy, SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Creation, Copy Writing, Social Media

“Before working with Puzzle Media (formerly DMS), our organisations were certainly floundering in the digital market space. I had personally attended a number of workshops and researched to improve my advertising skills, but I simply either didn’t have the time or the know-how to really hit the mark. Time was also a problem in keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms for the various socials.

Tina makes everything an absolute breeze. She came to my office at a time that suited me, listened to what my goals were and helped formulate a plan to achieve these. She also checked in periodically to ensure I was happy with how things were progressing and from there we could decide how or if we would need to tweak the advertising to ensure we continued to hit the mark.

Recently our goal was to maximize enrolment in our two new childcare centres. This involved heavy pre-opening marketing. Both centres are doing very well. The second, having 128 confirmed enrolments prior to opening day. We recently held an open day, and I decided not to run print ads and instead asked Tina and the team to focus online. We ended up with the same if not more attendees and enrolments than previous events.

Tina and her team are great to work with, very responsive and communicate quickly and easily.”

Lucy Cook
Amaze Education


CLIENT: Arrow Focus on Wealth
SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Content Creation, Copy Writing

“Tina is an expert in her area. Not only does she explain how the marketing process works, she allows people like myself to feel empowered through learning.

I would say any person on social media, who wants to know how to connect with their clients, could well benefit from this. So many things happen behind what the average user sees and it’s good to have an insight and meet an expert in these areas to go to.”

Janet Culpitt
Arrow Focus on Wealth


CLIENT: Quality Copywriting
SERVICE PROVIDED: Consulting and Training

“Tina really knows her stuff! In 45 minutes flat- she sorted out a heap of issues I had with FB ad’s and boosted my conversions with her insider knowledge of the Facebook Advert system. Hire her today before her price goes up!”

Peter Brenan
Quality Copywriting


CLIENT: An Island Hideaway
SERVICE PROVIDED: Social Media and Training

“Thank you so much for the Social Media support. We implemented what you taught us, and it has been so useful. We are now using it successfully with good results.”

Michelle De Bianco
An Island Hideaway


CLIENT: FCF Fire & Electrical
SERVICE PROVIDED: Marketing Strategy, Social Media, LinkedIn, Email Marketing, Training

“FCF Fire & Electrical engaged Tina to expand our franchisees’ prospects in Marketing and not to just rely on the Support Offices marketing Campaigns.

Tina attended our 2018 annual National FCF Conference in Brisbane and presented a two- hour workshop which was both informative and engaging. Everyone scored Tina highly on our feedback survey, and I’m happy to recommend her advice to everyone looking for an expert. The marketing field is constantly changing, and Tina kept it simple whilst providing actionable tips that the franchisees could go away and implement. Her expert advice definitely helped our franchisees.”

Jacob Forster
FCF Fire & Electrical

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