Benefits of Using Facebook Ads To Drive Traffic To Blogs

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads To Drive Traffic To Blogs

Have you considered runnings Facebook Ads to promote your blog and article content? You know you have great content and invest time, or pay someone to write these fantastic blogs that add so much value, but why have so few people read them? Using Facebook Ads to promote your blogs is a great way to warm up a cold audience and also helps build authority in your industry at the same time.

Benefits of Using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your blogs

Using Facebook Ads to drive traffic to your blogs is great for a number of reasons. It can warm up an audience that you want to tap into and help establish credibility and build trust. All of which leads to building relationships which is what business is about.

Remember that marketing is designed to take consumers on a journey from consideration through to purchase. Going for the hard sales pitch from the beginning may put off many potential customers whether that’s directly or via advertising.

Here are some reasons to promote blogs using Facebook ads

Improve Brand Awareness

The blogs you publish reflect your brand identity. You choose to write about topics aligned with the products and services you offer and will resonate with readers, but not just anyone. The goal in using Facebook Ads for business is to find your target audience, show them the blog and help them get to know your brand even better so they realise that you can address their needs.

Attract New Audiences

With Facebook Ads, you can set your campaign to show to those who haven’t visited your site in the past six months. Blogs are an excellent starting point to introduce your business. It’s subtle, not going for the hard pitch right away and most importantly, provides valuable content.

Generate Higher Quality Leads

Ad campaigns that build leads list usually use lead magnets such as free webinars, how-to guides, downloadable ebooks, templates, training videos and many more. People who sign up for these can turn into paying customers, no doubt, but when someone actually reads the blog and then signs up for more information it indicates they are very interested. They are what we would call warm leads.

Do You Need Help With Driving Traffic To Your Blogs Using Facebook Ads?

The blogs you write and publish should provide content your target audience will find valuable and helpful. Having a bank of blogs is an excellent resource to help drive traffic to your website and ultimately, grow your business. We’d be happy to help you set a tailored Facebook ads campaign for your blogs. Please feel free to get in touch with us.