Benefits Of Using Chatbots For Your Business

Benefits Of Using Chatbots For Your Business

With the evolution of Artificial Intelligence in full swing, we have seen a new age of chatbots take their functionality to a whole new level. The super helpful person who responded to your chat message about how to return a recent purchase or whether those fabulous jeans on their website are available in your size may not actually be a real person. They may be CHAT(ro)BOTS. Chatbots are simply computer programs designed to simulate a normal human conversation online. Many business owners are now seeing the benefits of using chatbots in their businesses.


Chatbots are run by a predetermined set of rules. They recognise keywords, and from there, a combination of pre-set scripts and machine learning is used to adapt their responses to fit the query or situation. Chatbots can be programmed either to respond the same way each time or differently depending on the level of sophistication the of chatbot.


We can divide the chatbots into two broad groups.


These work according to pre-prepared commands and pre-written scripts. The developer writes these commands, regular expressions and other forms of analysis as responses to keywords that are typed in. If a user asks a question and does not include any of the recognised keywords, the chatbot responds with messages like “Sorry, I don’t understand” or “Can you give me more information on your query?” 


They rely on Artificial Intelligence. They respond with suggestions instead of pre-prepared answers. All the words said/typed in are also recorded for later processing.


Your Frontline Customer Resource

Customers don’t always know where to find the info they need. Chatbots can answer FAQs and basic questions such as “How much is shipping fee?”, “What is the return policy?”, “What are the accepted payment methods?”, etc. this can reduce your employee workload or you can cut back on paying for operator staffing, all together. 

Quicker Response…No More Waiting

It is annoying when you hear “Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line” or “All our operators are busy at the moment. Please stay on the line.”? Chatbots are the best option for people who do not want to listen to the hold music while waiting for someone to answer a simple billing question (that means all of us!). Plus, 56% of people would send a message rather than call customer service.

In addition, chatbots can provide ‘After-Hours’ support. This is perfect for businesses who can’t afford to offer a 24-hour customer line and for customers who can only go online outside normal business hours.

More Lead, More Sales

The benefits of using chatbots go beyond just answering queries. Chatbots use direct messaging to provide customer support. This means you can save the chat history for later analysis and get customers’ contact details (message them or retarget them through ads later on if you have new, awesome deals.) Chatbots can also be designed to ask questions and find out more about what the customer needs and wants. Their responses can, in turn, be used to qualify sales leads.

Every business wants more sales! Chatbots can also build credibility and trust. 53% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if they’re able to message your business. Chatbots can be designed to streamline the sales process from start to finish. This makes the sales experience easy and convenient.

Your Customers Use It, So Should You

The benefits of using chatbots for your business is tremendous! With 1.3 billion monthly active users of Facebook Messenger users alone, there’s no question that this platform is a tremendous opportunity to get your brand out there and show the world that your customers come first.

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