Advantages Of Working With A Facebook Ads Agency

Advantages Of Working With A Facebook Ads Agency

What are the advantages of working with a Facebook ads agency? We’re going to answer that in today’s blog. 

As business owners begin understanding more about the value social media can bring their business, they become more inclined to invest in advertising on social platforms, such as Facebook. The challenge is understanding the intricacies of creating, running and managing Facebook adverts.

Why Hiring A Facebook Ads Agency Could Benefit Your Business


Potential customers and clients tend to use Google AND Social Media when researching a company. Having a strong presence on platforms such as Facebook will help make your business more visible and accessible.

Save on Cost

Hiring an in-house advertising specialist means a salary of $70,000-100,000. You also need to train them to get the best outcomes from your advertising spend.

When you work with a Facebook Ads agency such as Puzzle Media, you will spend considerably less. In addition, apart from having an advertising specialist, you will also have access to a team of copywriters, designers and strategists. All of which will help ensure you get the best results from your campaign. 


A few dilemmas that business owners face are internet outages, systems failure, personal emergencies, and employees’ absences. All of these have the potential to cause an advertising campaign to be behind schedule.

You can avoid having these problems by working with an agency. If they encounter internal issues, they still guarantee to deliver results as agreed on in your contract.

Facebook Ads Results 

Perhaps the most significant advantage of engaging the services of a Facebook Ads Agency is the quality of work they can deliver. Managing Facebook Ads requires a high level of expertise, not only in advertising set up but in direct response copy, creative, data, analytics and strategy. Whoever you work with needs to be adept in creating ad strategies, copywriting, graphic design, budgeting and more.

A good Facebook ads agency will have a team of specialists on hand to help you. They work together to create a Facebook Ads campaign aligned with your goals.

Puzzle Media: Facebook Ads Management Gold Coast Agency

Puzzle Media has been managing Facebook Ads for local Gold Coast businesses in various industries since 2013. We have managed over $1 million in advertising spend for our clients across Facebook Ads. By creating tailored Facebook Ads strategies and running and managing a full set-up campaign, we consistently achieve remarkable results and a massive return on investment, – something that all businesses want!

If you’re interested in using Facebook Ads to market your business, we’re happy to help. Please feel free to book in for a FREE consultation.

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