9 Reasons Facebook Ads For Business Can Help With Growth

9 Reasons Facebook Ads For Business Can Help With Growth

We’re all familiar with Facebook Ads for Business (the Puzzle team talk about it often enough!). Facebook is by far the most popular social media site in the world. What many people don’t know is that Facebook is a powerful advertising platform for a business like yours. In this article, you’ll find nine reasons why Facebook Ads can change your business and help increase profits.

Facebook Ads for Businesses

This article is about why we love advertising on Facebook for small businesses, but first, let’s cover a little background. Many reasons make Facebook Ads for business the ideal place to start when it comes to advertising your business online.

Facebook has one of the highest numbers of users globally – more than one billion people use the site every day. Not only that, but the Facebook Advertising platform provides access to a large number of potential customers and clients – who are potentially seeking your products and services.

Here are nine reasons why we love Facebook Ads for business:

  1. It’s affordable and easy to set up campaigns with automated targeting – you can easily target people based on their age, location, likes, or interests.
  2. You set the budget for your campaign, and it won’t get stuck in a rat race with automated bidding.
  3. Facebook will tell you what content is performing well so you can tweak or improve to maximize the success of future campaigns.
  4. You’ll be able to track how many users are clicking on your ads, their demographics, where they’re located, and more information. In fact, the entire Facebook analytics package is worth the price of admission.
  5. Facebook Ads can be set up in minutes, and you can set start and end times for campaigns.
  6. Video ads are a great way to engage users with your business and boost your company’s social media presence.
  7. With the correct targeting, you’ll be able to craft an ad campaign that will reach people in specific countries or cities around the world.
  8. Facebook ads are often cheaper than Google advertising because they don’t charge as much for clicks: this is a massive benefit if you’re trying to test advertising, as you don’t need to spend as much money.
  9. Facebook ads are more specific than Google Ads because they’re tailored around the pages and posts that a customer has already engaged with.

When people engage (like, comment or share) with your post, it can also generate interest for other customers who weren’t previously aware of your business; these audiences and engagement levels are not found on Google Ads. 

With the right targeting, you’ll be able to craft an ad campaign that will reach people at the right place and right time. As with most things, it can take trial and error, but you’ll eventually find the perfect audience for your business.

The more relevant and specific information you include in your social media advertising, the better chance you will have to drive traffic to your website. 

Test different ad campaigns to see what works best for your business! One of our favourite things about Facebook Ads is how you’re able to test new ideas without investing too much upfront in your new services, products or offers. You can try out different types and offers, so it’s worth experimenting with everything that your business offers.

If you need help with crafting campaigns, contact us today.